Toufee - World's easiest Video Maker since 2006

Launched in 2006, With more then 500k subscribers till date, Toufee has transformed online video creation. During its fifth version, toufee is still the easiest video maker for non-technical users.

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Toufee: Timeline

  • October 2006 Toufee V1 Launch

    After more then an year of work, TOufee is finally launched to Public.
  • October 2006 Toufee got Techcrunched

    Toufee featured in Techcrunch right after its Launch. Mashable and Readwriteweb features followed.
  • Late 2006 More Tech Coverage

    On the heels of Techcrunch Coverage, Mashable and Readwriteweb features followed.
  • Early 2008 Toufee v2 launched

    Toufee v2 Launched with brand New Graphics and Workflow.
  • Late 2008 More Coverage Followed

    Toufee continue to feature among Indian Startups
  • Early 2009 Toufee featured on Discovery Education

    Toufee started making waves in Education sector with Launch of Toufee for Education Initiative.
  • Early 2009 Toufee API Launched

    Toufee API Launched. Toufee API has featued in more then 30 projects to date.
  • Late 2009 Toufee v3 launched

    Toufee V3 Launched with a complete rewrite in Adobe Flex.
  • 2010 Toufee Featured on Adobe Showcase

    Toufee showcased among the top 3 Adobe Flex based project in official TOufee Flex Showcase
  • 2012 Toufee v4 launched

    Toufee v4 launched with support for Slideshows, Carousels and 10 other media creation apps.
  • Late 2012 Toufee Marketplace launched

    Toufee Apps Marketplace launched.
  • Late 2015 Toufee v5 Beta Launch

    Toufee v5 Beta Launched moving Toufee to Public Cloud.
  • Early 2016 Toufee v5 Public Launch

    Toufee v5 launched to public with a whole new workflow and emphasis on movie making.


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