Sanchit Bhatnagar

Sanchit Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer

Sanchit Bhatnagar is considered by many to be one of the top Internet Marketers in the world today. Sanchit currently heads all architecture, infrastructure and marketing of all active websites. He also has a broad base of experience serving in operations, engineering, and product-management roles in a variety of technology companies. For more than 20 years, Sanchit has helped small technology-oriented startups manage rapid growth and success.

Responsible for: Product ideas, execution, managing staff, and marketing (since 2004)

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Delhi College of Engineering)

Industry Experience: Over 20 years

Who is Sanchit Bhatnagar?


Sanchit has been a prodigy since early age. His software started featuring in leading tech magazines by time he reached teenage. He started working on freelance projects since schooldays and created a very successful online partnership with leading Web Marketer Brian Garvin.

He formed Day & Night in early 2004, to shift his focus to emerging technologies and startups.

After successfully leading Toufee and Article Video Robot in 2012, Sanchit took over as the head of our Board of Directors along with his existing role as Chief Executive Officer.

Sanchit also married his love for music with technology to create a Winamp plugin called MiniTube which has been downloaded more than 200000 times.

Sanchit is also an accomplished Web marketer known as San Kumar. In his role as CEO Sanchit has connected with Affiliate marketers and has successfully created an Affiliate System for Article Video Robot with more than 1M USD in Affiliate sales to date.

Sanchit has contributed to many open source projects along with his widely loved plugin called LambdaPHP.

His Passions

what makes Sanchit Bhatnagar special

Sanchit has great passion for both Electronics and Software with exemplary control of more than 100 languages and technologies including Perl, Delphi, PHP, Angular, Vue, Flash, JS, Cloud Technologies, Deep Learning to name a few.

Sanchit has recently developed his own PHP Framework and worked on many Deep Learning projects.

He is also working on his first book on Internet based Marketing.

His Hobbies

things Sanchit Bhatnagar likes

Sanchit is very passionate about music and his love for music has repeatedly reflected in his work including MiniTube and a very successful plugin named Mr. Goochie.

He is also an avid traveller and foodie.

Sanchit also is an accomplished speaker and loves writing about web marketing and technology.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operations Management Controls operations and inter department relations in the company.
  • Client & Affiliate Relations Heads client relations and Affiliate management.
  • Policy Enforcement Manages policy enforcement and legal compliance.
  • Future Technologies and Open Source Plan and Develop future technologies and Open Source Projects.
  • Corporate Management Manages corporate structure and macro policies.

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