Navneet Rai

Navneet Rai

Chief Technology Officer / Lead Programmer

Navneet Rai currently leads our Programming efforts and looks after the technical operations of Toufee, Article Video Robot and all active websites. Navneet has been responsible for the success of over half-a-dozen web startups in the past 13 years and brings a wealth of operational and strategic knowledge to the position.

Responsible for: Programming, Training, Idea implementation, software development, product planning, and execution

Education: Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Delhi College of Engineering)

Industry Experience: Over 13 years

Who is Navneet Rai?


Navneet joined Day & Night in August 2005 as a Web Programmer, and has worked on almost all major projects for us.

After successfully co-founding Toufee and Article Video Robot, he took over as Lead programmer for all active projects in 2009. He also joined our Board of Directors in the same year

In 2012, Navneet also took over the Chief Technology officer role from Sanchit along with his existing role as Lead Programmer and is currently handling both these roles for us.

Navneet has been instrumental in all these roles and has helped us grow to current heights. Navneet has till date contributed to more than 50 projects and is also involved with many under development projects. Navneet is currently working on our new smart support desk called Robot Reply.

Navneet has been Flash and PHP enthusiast from early days and have worked on many design projects before joining us. He has also previously worked with some Leading Banks for development of Niche Financial Products

His Passions

what makes Navneet Rai special

Navneet has been passionate about Flash and graphical interfaces from early days. His first brush with professional programming was designing games and advanced GUI in Flash. He has since worked on Flex, HTML 5, JS Frameworks and WebGL technologies.

Navneet likes using PHP as a backend and likes Laravel Framework, for which he has designed many plugins.

He is also an expert in Cloud based services and serverless programming. He has worked on Chatbots and Machine Learning as well.

His Hobbies

things Navneet Rai likes

Navneet is very passionate about Cricket. He often merge his liking for numbers and sports together to create Cricket analytics. With his recent interest in deep learning, he is trying to develop prediction models for sports.

He is also an avid reader and likes learning new technologies.

He also likes travelling, movies and food.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead Programmer Leads all the programming teams working in the company.
  • Recruitment & Training Heads Recruitment and Training Efforts.
  • Code Quality & Testing Manages Code Repositories, Code Quality and Testing infrastructure.
  • Future Upgrades Decides on the upcoming Projects and upgrades.
  • Code Migration Migrates legacycode to new infrastructure.

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