Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar

Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar

Advisor / Director

Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar has been critical to success of Day & Night with his invaluable insights and overall understanding of changing landscapes. Right from inception, he has been instrumental with his helping the core team setup a vibrant work culture in the company.

Responsible for: Pricing of company product and services, infrastructure management, client relationship, bank operations, and tax planning.

Education: Engineer from Mumbai University (UDCT)

Industry Experience: Over 35 years

Who is Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar?


Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar has been an industry veteran of more than 35 years and have a very deep understanding on Indian Business environment.

He joined Day & Night in early 2004, as an advisor and Head of the Board of Directors.

He has been instrumental in success of Day & Night with his timely guidance and sound financial acumen.

His Passions

what makes Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar special

Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar is a technology enthusiast and invest most of his time with new technologies.

His Hobbies

things Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar likes

He is also an avid traveller and animal enthusiast.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Chief Advisor Advises on upcoming technological trends.
  • Financial Relations Advises on Financial well-being of company.
  • Company Affairs Advises on company affairs and legal framework.

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