Sanchit Bhatnagar

Sanchit Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer

Sanchit Bhatnagar is considered by many to be one of the top Internet Marketers in the world today. Sanchit currently heads all architecture, infrastructure and marketing of all active websites. He also has a broad base of experience serving in operations, engineering, and product-management roles in a variety of technology companies. For more than 20 years, Sanchit has helped small technology-oriented startups manage rapid growth and success.

Responsible for: Product ideas, execution, managing staff, and marketing (since 2004)

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Delhi College of Engineering)

Industry Experience: Over 20 years

Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar

Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar

Advisor / Director

Deepak Kumar Bhatnagar has been critical to success of Day & Night with his invaluable insights and overall understanding of changing landscapes. Right from inception, he has been instrumental with his helping the core team setup a vibrant work culture in the company.

Responsible for: Pricing of company product and services, infrastructure management, client relationship, bank operations, and tax planning.

Education: Engineer from Mumbai University (UDCT)

Industry Experience: Over 35 years

Navneet Rai

Navneet Rai

Chief Technology Officer / Lead Programmer

Navneet Rai currently leads our Programming efforts and looks after the technical operations of Toufee, Article Video Robot and all active websites. Navneet has been responsible for the success of over half-a-dozen web startups in the past 13 years and brings a wealth of operational and strategic knowledge to the position.

Responsible for: Programming, Training, Idea implementation, software development, product planning, and execution

Education: Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Delhi College of Engineering)

Industry Experience: Over 13 years

Ganesh Sathyanathan

Ganesh Sathyanathan

Support Head

Ganesh is heading our technical and user support since 2009. With strrong technical background and excellent communication skills, Ganesh has a very strong connect with in the team and with our customers and affiliates.

Rachna Richa

Rachna Richa

Promotions & Media Relations

With 10+ years of main stream media reporting and anchoring experience, Rachna plays a vital role in promoting Day & Night to media and managing promotional activities for us. She is working in this role since 2013.

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Our Way of Working


We have been innovating with fresh idea since 2014. Our focus remains on finding new practical solutions to everyday problems.


Our every project is designed to make it easier for common man to access technology without any barriers. We believe Simplicity is Beautiful.


We have build and grown our idea to market leading solutions time and time again. Our passion is to make truly self sustainable solutions.

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