(launched in 2006)

Averaging over one million unique hits per month, Toufee is our top-ranking flash-based video-editing software with no need to download. Users simply log into and begin creating, editing and applying a host of impressive effects to their videos within the comfort of their web browsers.

Not only is Toufee used as a flash-video-teaching aid in various US high schools, but a daily average of 500 people sign up to it because of its user-friendliness that requires no programming knowledge. It’s also rich in non-flash-movie facilities.

Toufee has been featured on high-profile networks such as The Discovery Channel’s Education Network, as well as Adobe Showcase and TechCrunch, to name a few.


Article Video Robot (AVR)

(launched in 2009)

Aimed primarily at B2B marketing, currently ranks at #17,473 on Alexa, receives over 2.1 million hits per month and has generated million of dollars in revenue till date.

AVR is the original and highly acclaimed, fully-automated web-based software for converting text into video. With its extensive database, AVR provides a one-click solution for driving traffic to websites. It analyzes text-based articles and turns them into relevant, pre-programmed imagery, video, speech and sound, which can then be uploaded to blogs, social networking and video sites.

AVR is currently promoted by top internet marketers such as Willie Crawford, Chris Rempel, Joel Comm, and Dr.Mani.


StingerVideos (SV)

(launched in 2010)

SV broke all our traffic records, achieving over 10,000 signups within 12 hours of launch, and an Alexa ranking of 3,000 within only 3 days of launch.

SV is a quick and easy-to-use program allowing internet marketers to create high-quality and original videos to advertise their products and services in only 3 minutes or less. SV produces superb 3D animation and soundtracks for professional Hollywood-style promos, all generated from the user’s answers to simple questions.


Having achieved over 200,000 downloads, MiniTube is one of the most popular, free, music plug-ins for Winamp and iTunes. MiniTube enables users to sync their songs to related online music-videos and song information.

Minitube was recently also featured on