News: Toufee has been featured on!

Techcrunch is like the time magazine for startups and we’re very happy to announce that just got techcrunched! Thank you Marshall for such a kind review of our flash making service. This is indeed a very big milestone for all of us.


News: Toufee just made it on to mashable!

Wow! Another big milestone after techcrunch. We’re now also featured on Mashable too. Two huge tech blogs in two months. Just this month alone we’ve had over 100,000+ signups thanks to all the word of mouth publicity. We’re very grateful to everyone who has made this possible. Looks like Christmas came early for us! :)


News: Sanchit’s interview on

Sanchit Bhatnagar was interview yesterday by Ashish Sinha on and discusses the service and our future plans. The interview is titled “Startups- Wanna tell the time or build a clock? Interview with founders, Toufee”. You can read it here:


News: We’re now among the hot new startups from India!

Ashish Sinha from just contacted us today and has wrote about our service on his tech blog that exclusively covers Indian startups. Very flattering to be considered among the best new products from India!


News: We’ve just crossed 1 million flash movies

Today is a rather big day for all of us. We just had our one millionth flash movie created on We’re celebrating and offering a full 50% discount on all purchased of this month!


News: Downloadable version of Toufee now available on CNET

We just released a downloadable version of our flash software which you can download from Thank you everyone for their support and patience.


News: Toufee now #3 on Adobe’s flex showcase!

Thank you Adobe for giving us a spot on your list of best flex apps. Toufee is now #3 on the list and we’re extremely honored that the creators of flash itself have ranked us so high on their list of best flash/flex apps.


News: MakeUseOf and Lifehacker are now talking about us too

More good news. We’ve learned that both lifehacker and makeuseof have featured toufee on their techblogs. Thank you guys. Your support means everything to us.


News: (AVR) just launched!

Seeing the huge gap in the Video services market we’ve created a completely original and new product called Article Video Robot. We’re happy to say that the support we’ve got so far is nothing short of phenomenal. Our sales for the first day alone has been over $2400,000+. Immense thanks and gratitude to our affiliates Chris Rempel, and Willie Crawford who made this launch so big.


News: Toufee just made it onto the Discovery Channel!

Toufee is now being used as a flash-video-teaching aid in various US high schools. Yesterday we were featured on DCEN (Discovery channel’s educator network). We cannot be happier our software is put to such good use and being used to teach flash to children.


News: ArticleVideoRobot (AVR) now ranks at #17,473 on Alexa.

We’re overwhelmed with the success of our new site, AVR. The traffic numbers of this month have even surpassed toufee. So far over 200,000 internet marketers and article marketers have joined this service via our affiliate network and word of mouth. Our projected net revenue for this year definitely should cross a million dollars. Awesome!


News: Giovanni Farotto interviews Sanchit Bhatnagar, the founder of Article Video Robot, the breakthrough

Looks like everyone is talking about ArticleVideoRobot these days. We really have broken all sales record with AVR which puts us in the same league as many top internet marketers like John Reese and Jeff Walker. Here is Giovanni Farotto (french journalist) who recently interviewed Sanchit Bhatnagar, the founder of Article Video Robot (11 minute audio)


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